Troubleshooting & Product Care

Troubleshooting Questions

Q. I have plugged my purse in to charge but the LED indicator is not switching on. Why is it not charging?
A. If it's the first time using your purse, or you have not used for extended periods of time the battery may be completely drained. We recommend allowing your purse to charge overnight.

Q. How can I tell if my phone is charging correctly?
A. The LED battery/charge indicator will illuminate with a green light.

Q. How do I start wireless charging my phone with the purse?
A. Double touch the LED battery/charge indicator on the front of the purse. Check there are 3 blue lights illuminated (this shows your purse is 100% charged and ready to use). Place your phone on the surface (near the V shaped stitching) or inside pocket and wait for LED light to turn green indicating your phone has begun charging.

Q. Why is my phone not charging?
A. If the red LED light is shown on the battery/charge indicator a) remove cables, phone and any foreign items away from both the inner and outer charging surface. If this stops the red LED from showing after a few seconds the purse is reset to normal operation.

Possible causes:
 - Metal objects near the wireless charging zones
 - Phone cases with metal in them
 - Thick phone cases – if in doubt try without the case
 - Non-wireless enables phones
 - Non-suitable power supply – ensure your power supply is within specifications

    Q. My phone is inside the purse and in the correct pocket but is still not charging, what’s wrong?
    A. Remove any items from the pocket. Place your phone as close as possible to the battery/charge indicator switch surface, with the back of the phone towards the outer surface. Double touch the indicator to turn on the purse. The LED light will turn green indicating your phone has begun charging.

    Q. How do I clean my purse if I get marks or makeup on it?
    A. You can clean the outside of your purse with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths, brushes or liquid detergents / cleaning products.

    Q.What happens if I get my purse wet?
    A. Cease using immediately.

    Q.The purse is getting warm whilst charging my phone?
    A. When charging for extended periods of time the purse will become a little warm to touch. There is no need for concern, your purse has a built-in safety feature which will cut off charging in the event of overheating to protect your phone.

    Q. What do the LED indictor lights mean?
    A. Blue = Power on
        3 - 100% battery left
        2 - 50% battery left
        1 - 10% battery left
    Green = Wireless charging has begun
    Red = Fault

    Q. How do I know if my phone is Qi wireless charging enabled?
    A. Please check your phone model specifications

    Product Care & Maintenance

    • Do not twist, bend or subject the purse to any impact of force that may damage the battery or wireless components.
    • Do not wash, or expose the purse to heavy rain or liquids in any way.
    • Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the purse
    • Keep your purse dry – do not touch the charging cable or charging port with wet hands.
    • Do not store your purse near or in direct heating, microwave ovens, cooking equipment or high-pressure containers.
    • Keep your purse within a temperature range of -10 to 35 degrees celsius. If used outside of this range the purse may be damaged and/or the battery life reduced.

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